1.Ft. Defiance Rifle & Pistol Club is a private organization. Membership is required to use the range. Membership is not required to participate in scheduled events which are open to the public.

2.NO person, including old members or new members may use the range until they are familiar with the current version of the rules. Violation of the rules can result in loss of membership. Ignorance of the rules is NOT an excuse.

3. Members must have their current membership card with them while on the range.  They must also be willing to show it if asked to do so.  Anyone who cannot or will not produce a current membership card is assumed to be a trespasser.

4. Every member is responsible for safety and also for ensuring the rules of the club are enforced.  Any potential safety issue or breach of the rules must be immediately addressed by any member witnessing such actions.  Failure to comply with safety warning or disregarding notification of club rule violations will result in loss of membership privileges.  Further, rude or dismissive behavior to someone pointing out an issue will not be tolerated.

5. Every person using or visiting the range MUST be a member.  This is for insurance requirements.  Immediate family members, residing in the same residence, may be added to the member's application for an additional $5.00 per person fee. 


1.All explosives, including Tannerite are prohibited. Anyone caught using these will be immediately ejected from the club and reported to appropriate authorities.

2.DO NOT engage in non-aimed firing such as “hip shooting”, “bump firing”, or non-controlled rapid firing. This behavior and other stunts are prohibited. Controlled, aimed firing only. No fully automatic weapons or weapons that are made to sound and act like full auto are allowed.

3.Center fire .50 caliber is prohibited.

4.DO NOT use concrete blocks, glass bottles, glass or any other breakable materials as targets. Materials such as these are prohibited as targets.

5.DO NOT use targets placed on the ground and intended to be bounced around by bullet impacts.

6.DO NOT use bowling pins for informal shooting. Bowling pins are for scheduled, formal events only.

7.DO NOT use steel plate targets for center fire rifle or center fire handgun informal shooting.  

8.DO NOT shoot at or otherwise damage any range infrastructure such as building, canopies, benches, locks, gates, signs…etc. This is criminal damage to property.

9. NO shooting before sunrise or one-half hour after sunset.

10.NO hunting or shooting of animals on the club designated shooting ranges. 

11.The range will be closed during shotgun deer season.

12.DO NOT consume alcohol before or during informal shooting sessions or scheduled events.


1.Shooting is permitted only on designated ranges. Designated ranges are: (a) 200 yard range, (b) 100 yard range, (c) 50    yard range, (d) 25 yard pistol range in front of canopy. Designated firing points for 25, 50 and 100 yard ranges are in the valley directly in front of the wooden target carrier for that range. The 200 yard firing point is in front of the canopy at the top of the hill.

2.Each designated range has an earthen backstop behind it. For rifles, slug guns, muzzle loaders and handguns, your line of fire must be such that the bullet strikes the earthen backstop after passing through the target board.

3.You must call a cease fire and make the firing lines safe before going down range. “Line Safe” means ALL firearms must be unloaded with actions open and benched or cased before anyone moves forward of a firing line. This applies to all ranges. For example, before someone can go out to the 100 yard carrier to change targets, there must be a cease fire and line safe condition on the 25, 50, 100 and 200 yard firing lines.

4.Use of the 200 yard range requires special training and procedures: (1) Targets must be in a frame mounted on a carrier. (2) Only shoot at the target center – do not place small targets around the edge of the main target. (3) If a person is in the pit during firing there must be two-way communication between the pit and firing line.

5.DO NOT shoot into the air with the exception of shotguns firing #4 bird shot or smaller. Shotgun clay bird shooting is permitted from the valley only, with firing direction downrange toward the creek (east).

6.The 25 and 50 yard ranges are intended for handgun and rim fire rifle use. With center fire rifles only use the 25 and 50 yard ranges to fire a few round and get an initial sight zero, then move to the 100 yard range for final adjustment.

7.DO NOT fire into the ground. DO NOT fire into the creek.

8.DO NOT place targets on top of the 200 yard front safety berm.

9.DO NOT use the 200 yard front berm as a backstop.

10.DO NOT enter the downrange (forward of the firing lines) areas of the facility when firing is in progress or may occur.

11.Empty Chamber Indicators (ECI) is required for all matches and is strongly recommended for informal shooting.

12.Wear eye and ear protection – it is required for ALL shooters and everyone on the firing line.


1.DO pick up and take home for disposal ALL shotgun shells and center fire cartridge cases. Also pick up all unbroken clay birds.  

2.DO NOT place live rounds or duds in trash barrels.

3.Remove and properly dispose of ALL targets when finished shooting. Either burn the paper or take it home for disposal. Pick up and take home for disposal all cans, plastic bottles, plastic jugs etc. as the range does not have trash removal service.

Ft. Defiance Range Rules
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